Josh Maddison

Josh Maddison



All things cycling!



Whats your favourite thing about training with Lucho Dillitos?

They are super tasty, no mess and i love that they come in a leaf.

How does Lucho Dillitos fuel your challenges?

Its the only thing i take on my rides now!

Josh Maddison

What is your dream challenge or adventure to undertake?

Cycling adventure across the Faroe Islands

What upcoming challenges/adventures/events do you have in the pipeline and how can we keep up to date with them?

Heading to Mallorca in the spring for cycling then a cycling adventure later in the year (possibly the Faroe Islands). All information will be posted on my Instagram

Whats the latest challenge/event/adventure you've been involved in?

Cycled around the Isle of Wight.

Where in the world have you gone with Lucho?


Josh Maddison

What's your greatest sporting achievement to date?

Cycled the length of Italy.

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Roman Runner that mainly likes run in the early morning

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Ollie Butterwick


Passionate road cyclist, based in West Yorkshire. I enjoy solo rides and organised club runs, exploring the local region, whatever the weather. My home-from-home is Somerset, where I love the Mendips and the ascents of Cheddar Gorge and Burlington Combe.

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Massimiliano Doria


Distance runner and triathlete, determined to exceed my limits

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Jana Studzinska


Full of life. Happiest in mountains running up and down with big smile on her face. Loving mountains for the purity, that they verify you and you can't fake it there. Not looking for content, looking for beauty, memories and good laugh with friends. 

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Rory Southworth


Runner and Adventure Athlete

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Gaby Thompson


I love to explore and travel but always by bike or foot. Im also competitive in nature so like to challenge myself often with something ultra distance or pin a number on and race.   

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Josh Maddison


All things cycling!

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Piotr Babis


Trail runner traveling around the world.

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Marie-Louise Kertzman


I am outgoing, energetic, and forever finding myself taking on new challenges.  For every goal I achieve, I manage to set myself three more - and this way I have found myself achieving all sorts of things I never dreamt possible. I love to spend as much of my spare time as possible outdoors, with friends, preferably on a bike or in trail shoes. 

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Suzan Maertens


In every way I try to shine as brightly as I could. As a mom, wife, boss, friend and daughter. Only the best version is good enough. Sometimes that hard, sometimes it hurts but it makes my life meaningful & so beautiful.

I am aware of the obstacles in my way and the misogynistic expectations people have for me, but I always will decide for myself what I want and works to achieve it. I am willing to find help or gain strength from supportive friends, family members, and mentors.

And I am a fighter!

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