Lucho Dillitos introduce new packaging and flavours

Lucho Dillitos introduce new packaging and flavours

Posted on Monday 4th July 2016

Firstly our new packaging. The new packaging holds 10 pieces in a bar shape that is easier to ship and store than the traditional wooden box of 12.

The traditional box of 12 will remain available, though only in the classic flavour and makes a great gift and is an interesting talking point. More interesting though than the packaging are…

but now we have added 2 twists to the classic in the form of our guava with coffee and our guava with raspberry, both these flavours are slightly more energy dense than the classic, the coffee also having caffeine for an extra kick. The new flavours, like the classic, come individually wrapped in a dried leaf, and are only available in the flat packs of 10 pieces.

The response to the new flavours has been very good in Hong Kong and among the lucky few of us in the UK who have had a chance to taste them.

They will be in the stores soon so keep an eye out for them and try them all and see which is your favourite.