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Back to nature - Back to simplicity

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Lucho Dillitos Pack of 10 (400g) Coffee Guava


Coffee-Guava: We added 15% crushed coffee beans to the guava to provide a deep "Mocha" taste. Contains 10 pieces, wrapped in a dried Bijao leaf.


Lucho Dillitos Box of 27 (1080gm) Classic Guava


Get the best value with our 27 piece box. Each Classic Guava bocadillo is lovingly wrapped in a dried Bijou leaf and then sealed for freshness.


Lucho Dillitos Pack of 10 (400g) Feijoa Guava


Feijoa-Guava: We added 15% Feijoa for some tart flavour, works beautifully with the guava. Contains 10 pieces, wrapped in a dried Bijao leaf.

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Lucho Dillitos Cycling Cap


An awesome cycling cap so you look the part!


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Back to Nature - Back to Simplicity

Modern life is a complicated thing, much like the roads you spend your life travelling on.


    This is a job for Lucho Dillitos Bocadillos, aka "Colombia's original energy bar": a piece of tropical Kendal mint cake wrapped in a dried leaf that is as natural as any other leaf on the road.


  • SingleTrack Mountain Bike Magazine

    Described as a bar and a gel in one, Lucho Dillitos Bocadillos are manufactured in Colombia, and have been tested in 30C Hong Kong heat without breaking down or becoming gloopy.

    -- SingleTrack Mountain Bike Magazine

  • Velo Blog

    A different approach to sport nutrition. Natural Energy from Columbia (Yes it’s legal) and it’s like a bar and gel rolled into one making it one block of energy.

    -- Velo Blog


    I much prefer these to normal bars, and though on longer rides I would also take a regular bar, I would still take a couple of these. The reason I am such a fan is that these are, hands down, the best energy bars I have ever tasted.


A natural, tasty alternative to modern sports nutrition

Biodegradable leaf wrapping

Unique leaf packaging means you can dispose of it and leave no footprint

Real food for athletes

Each block is easy to eat and digest, and is rich in carbs to give you that all-important energy boost

Natural Colombian energy

No additives, flavourings, preservatives or fillers, just the natural goodness of guava and sugar

Three great flavours

Now you can choose from our classic bocadillo, guava with coffee, or guava with raspberry!

The Trilogy

The Trilogy - One of each flavour (3x400g)

The Trilogy - One of each flavour (3x400g)

Classic Guava, Raspberry-Guava, Guava with Feijoa, and Pink Guava. 3x 10-packs. All your favourite flavours.

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  • Bought some after tasting at the NEC Cycle show. Tasty, easy to digest, no tummy troubles and the wrappers are disposable. I love it!!!

    -- Alan Smith

  • Bought these at the NEC Cycle Show and have eaten them all on road rides. A brilliant tasty and satisfying alternative to gels, bars or bananas! My friends loved them too and the biodegradable leaf wrapping is a nice touch - although I still take it home! Easy to open and consume on the move - I'm back for more!

    -- Malcolm

  • I've eaten an awful lot of gels and energy bars over the years, so it is great to find something a bit different. Bought these at the recent NEC cycle show and have used them on both MTB and road rides. They're easy to eat on the move, tasty and so far seem to do a good job in keeping you going. Great alternative to the usual cereal type energy bar or sickly sweet gel.

    -- Ian

  • I meet these guys at the cycle show at the NEC , I tryed one there and thought these are nice so went back later and brought a box full there great and the leaf can be thrown away ,there biodegradable which is great 10/10

    -- Andy Gis

  • Natural, vegan and packed in biodegradable leaf. Perfect fuel for ultra running!

    -- Jana

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